Trouble - Memoir of an Unlikely Yogi

Trouble is an unflinchingly honest, deeply funny and touching memoir of a woman who, in the throes of a mid-life crisis as she turns 40, is compelled to train to be a yoga teacher.

As an unhappy, overweight, stressed and over-worked IT consultant, Nikki was desperate to escape the rat race, rediscover her dreams and find out how to like herself for who she truly is. Dreading turning 40 and in need of a radical life overhaul, she escapes for a solo yoga holiday in Bali at the start of a full-blown mid-life crisis.

While there, and unable to even touch her toes, she has the improbable idea to become a yoga teacher despite being the world’s most unlikely candidate for the job.

Nikki is entirely unprepared for what follows this life-changing decision, and she falls flat on her face both on her yoga mat and off it, trying to figure out who she is and what she wants from life.

Trouble follows her through her yoga teacher training and getting into therapy, as she cries and laughs in equal measure. She starts to confront her dislike of her own body, her difficult relationship with her father and why she had always felt that she was simultaneously both too much and not enough.

By rediscovering her spirituality and her writing, Nikki faces her demons and fears and transforms her life; leaves her well-paid work, her neuroses, her self-dislike and her past behind her, re-inventing herself as a yoga teacher and writer.

Trouble is a laugh out loud funny, deeply moving and brutally honest memoir about a woman that struggles with her body, her female identity and who finds it hard to accept herself. As Nikki finally breaks free of the expectations of others and a society that told her who and what she could be, she discovers that all the parts of her that she thought broken were in fact her greatest strengths. They had been hidden inside of her all along.