Trouble - a Memoir

As an unhappy, overweight, stressed and over-worked IT consultant Nikki was desperate to escape the rat race, rediscover her dreams and find out how to like herself for who she truly is. 

Dreading turning 40 and in need of a radical life overhaul, she escapes for a solo yoga holiday in Bali at the start of a full-blown mid-life crisis. 

While there, and unable to even touch her toes, she has the improbable idea to become a yoga teacher despite being the world’s most unlikely candidate for the job.

About Me

Nikki is a yoga teacher who lives in Sutton Coldfield in Birmingham, with her nineteen-year-old daughter Kiera. She completed her yoga teacher training in 2015 and now teaches several weekly yoga classes and leads regular workshops and yoga retreats.

She has been writing for herself for many years, mainly into journals which she hides at the bottom of the wardrobe. This is her first book.

Nikki’s style is warm and welcoming, hilariously funny, deeply authentic, and unflinchingly honest.

Trouble is a book to which any woman will relate, especially those that struggle with their body image, or from feeling that they are not enough. Her unpretentious and down to earth personality bleed into her writing to inspire and uplift the reader.